Door Repairs for Rugby, Banbury, Leamington Spa & surrounding area

Common faults can be fixed without needing to replace your door

Unlockey door repairs offer various services related to door repairs in Rugby, Banbury, Leamington Spa and the surrounding area.

We cover all sorts of doors but the most common repairs are to UPVC doors.

UPVC doors are known to develop a number of common faults so don’t worry these can be fixed without needing to replace your door.

Wear and tear causes many faults, one of which can be an alignment problem. Wear and tear over time due to the weight of these doors will cause the door to come out of alignment.

Over time this can put pressure on the doors hinges and on the locking mechanism which can lead to it being difficult to lock or unlock the door.

Continuing to use a uPVC door which is suffering from these types of problems can cause further damage or complications, so it's better to act sooner rather than later, the fix could simply be adjusting and realigning the door, or it might need to replace the locking central mechanism.

On our visit we will give you an instant quote there and then to get the work done.

uPVC door fixes without the need for getting a new door

Although the locking central mechanism part is quite a common fault in uPVC doors, there are other numerous common faults that occur ranging from flimsy or internally damaged door handles, seized parts, to the actual lock within the door.

We can help with all uPVC door fixes without the need for getting a new door.

Common UPVC door repairs checklist

UPVC Door Handles

Quite a common problem with UPVC doors are flimsy handles, which we can replace with a choice of sturdy handles.

UPVC Door Locks

There are various reasons why you may need to replace your door lock, some of which is lost keys, upgrading the cylinder cylinder or a faulty lock. We can give our best advice in repairing all these door lock repairs.

UPVC Door Hinges

Over time uPVC doors can become misaligned normally due to problem with its hinges due to wear and tear, this can damage the door frame and more. Getting the door looked at by a professional sooner rather than later, means the problem can be repaired fairly easily.

UPVC Door Lock Case

Within the UPVC door there is the lock mechanism, depending on the the type of UPVC door you will have a separate door lock case within the mechanism. Depending on what the problem is we are able to supply and fit any of the parts required.

UPVC Door Lock Mechanism

UPVC door lock mechanism can become faulty over time due to wear and tear, depending on the type of uPVC door all parts can be different, but will be able to review the problem and provide you with the best solution.

General UPVC Door Spare Parts

We can replace all the individual parts that make up a UPVC door. The door parts include door hinges, locks, cylinder locks, lock hooks, handles, bolts and latches.

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