Window Repairs for Rugby, Banbury, Leamington Spa & surrounding area

We can save you money by fixing  your window instead of you having to buy a new one

Unlockey window repairs offer various services related to window repairs in Rugby, Banbury, Leamington Spa and the surrounding area

We cover all sorts of windows but the most common repairs are to UPVC windows.

Just like doors UPVC windows are subject to wear and tear and over time this will create problems with them. But don’t worry we can save you money by fixing these problems so saving having to buy a new window.

uPVC window repairs without the need for getting a new window

Most window repairs revolve around misted windows, condensation problems, faulty seals, misaligned hinges, espagnolette locking mechanism or a fault with the handle.

Wear and tear to the window over time causes misaligned hinges, once this has started to happen you need to get this repaired straight away. A windows weight will only cause this to get worse if you continue to open and close the window like this.

A way of preventing this is to make sure to clean the window hinges regularly because a major cause of this is dust and grime on the hinges that get in the way when trying to close the window. Then each time you close the window like this will put more pressure on the hinge until it goes out of line.

Over time windows may mist and cause condensation, this is mainly due to faulty seals which we can replace.

Common UPVC window repairs checklist

UPVC Window Handles

A common problem with UPVC windows is that the handles can be flimsy and can break over time, we can replace with a choice of sturdy handles.

UPVC Window Locks

Window locks can have various problems like losing its keys,the lock going faulty,keys snapped within the lock, we can replace all types of UPVC window locks.

UPVC Window Draughts & Leaks

A common problem that be repaired with a minimal of fuss are cold draughts and leaks. Draughts and leaks in the windows occur through broken seals and misaligned units. We can call out and review the problem before giving you a fixed cost quote to repair it.

UPVC Window Glaziers

If you require a window glazier, it's likely because you have a cracked window pain or are experiencing similar problems to misting and condensation build up within the double glazing window. You need not worry, we can assess prior to carrying out the work and give you an instant fixed quote to replace the window glazing. This is a repair that will save you a lot of money and inconvenience to replacing the whole window.

UPVC Window Hinges

Another common window repair is replacing the windows hinges. As with windows can be the hinges, whether that's through force or age related.

UPVC Window Lock Mechanism

UPVC window mechanism is one of the most common faults found, as with all parts, the mechanism is known to become faulty in time.

UPVC Window Gearbox

Like with the window mechanism, the window gearbox too can become faulty after continues use, we can access the windows prior to carrying out any work.

UPVC Window Spare Parts

Available we have all spare parts for uPVC windows, be that new handles, hinges, mechanism's, gearboxes, lock cylinders, we'll be sure to cater for all your requirements.

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